Grand Gala Ball

Image of Two Dancers

Saturday, February 13

Grand Parade

Image of Marching Band

Saturday, May 14

Grand Firework Show

Image of Fireworks

Saturday, August 13

Banner Contest

Think you can design a winning banner?
Banners are 24" X 48" and will be hung on various light posts.
Submissions are due by July 31, 2015

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1st Organizational Meeting for the Bicentennial Parade Scheduled

Reserve your spot in the parade. Its less than a year away. Sign up now!

The Parade Meeting is an organization meeting to invite all groups that are interested in participating in the Bicentennial parade to discuss logistics and information about the parade will be provided.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 6/17, in the Town Hall's Veteran's Meeting Room at 7:00 PM

My Story

What is your story?

How did you come to live in Southbridge?

Were you born here or move here?

We would love to hear your story!

Submit your story to mjaynes@southbridge200.org and it may end up here on the Bicentennial website.


Maureen's Story

When we first moved to Southbridge, I was about 10 years old....

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Bicentennial Store

Show your support and enthusiasm for the bicentennial celebrations with an ever growing line of products available from the Bicentennial Committee.

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Upcoming Meetings

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